Welcome to EVE-Works

Software Creation

Software Creation Incorporates any set of tools or automated function you may need to increase the quality of your ingame decisions. Our team has the skillset to branch out to solutions including (but not limited to):
- Discord Bots
- Corp Information Websites
- Buyback Calculators
- Courier Contract Calculators
- Market Gap Calculators
- Private Structure Order analysis

If you are not sure if what you want can be made, enquire, most likely it can be (within the bounds of Eve EULA and ToS)

If you find yourself repeating a task multiple times repetitively chances are it can be automated, so enquire now!

Software Deployment & Assistance

Our Eveworks Technicians have varying ranges of experience working with operation systems to deploy all different ranges of software.

We specialise in the deployment of SeAT instances and other various authentication softwares. However we have the ability and the knowhow to install other software applications including (but not limited to):
- SeAT
- Alliance Auth
- Custom Evepraisal
- Pathfinder
- Teamspeak
- Mumble

We also offer:
- Issue resolving in relation to existing software already deployed and potential ways to fix them
- Ongoing support for our deployed software instances or already existing software instances

We have options for instance hosting if you want a peice of software deployed on a server but dont want to deal with the hassle of sourcing your own server, we have hosting options available that come with deployment.

Spreadsheet Creation

If you are looking to automate or handle tasks more hands off with spreadsheets, We can certainly help. With spreadsheet developers with multiple years of experience and immersion in various forms of projects which we can use to improve your gameplay in various ways including:

- Trading
- Manufacturing
- Mining
- Asset management

Those are just some main examples. If you find yourself doing something repetitive like calculations or managing data, do not hesitate to ask about making a sheet to do the work for you.

Virtual Instance Hosting

Private Virtual Machines are available for rental for isk:

1 Core 2GB RAM 20GB - (enough for a small corps allyauth or seat + a small TS3 or mumble) @ 1.7B/30Days

2 Core 4GB RAM 40GB - (good for medium sized allys/corps and their related software) @ 2.5B/30Days

NOTE - This does NOT include any installation, these prices are purely for the virtual machine itself without extra installed software